Turning Point: 9/11 and the War on Terror

This unflinching series documents the 9/11 terrorist attacks, from Al Qaeda's roots in the 1980s to America's forceful response, both at home and abroad.





Season 1 - Turning Point: 9/11 and the War on Terror
01 Sep 2021
"Survivors recount the horrors they endured on 9\/11. Immediately after the attacks, George W. Bush begins charting America's aggressive military response."
01 Sep 2021
"Learning the hijackers benefited from the gaps in US intelligence, the White House justifies a secret surveillance program and \"enhanced interrogation\"."
01 Sep 2021
"With no cohesive strategy, the war in Afghanistan squanders early successes and backfires, fueling disillusionment, corruption and a Taliban resurgence."
01 Sep 2021
"After two decades, the US aims to end its longest ever war, but its withdrawal threatens to plunge Afghanistan back into repressive, bloody violence."

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